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The FreeHand System

Laparoscopic Camera Controller

Have you ever wanted a rock steady image

under your control?

The FreeHand System provides a direct connection between you and the laparoscope. The system incorporates:

  • Simple, hands-free control system
  • New slim design for maximum operating space
  • New LED assisted set-up
  • Wide range of scope movement as indicated below

The FreeHand System is suitable for laparoscopic procedures and can be positioned to accommodate:

  • Different approaches
  • The number and positions of your instrument ports, the location of the scrub nurse, anesthetist and stack
  • Patients from very large to very slight
  • A wide range of patient positions

The FreeHand System allows for greater operating room efficiencies and patient throughput. It is your dependable assistant that can help you eliminate theatre stress.

Product Features

The FreeHand System puts you in direct control of the scope position. The scope is moved by the hands-free controller, worn on a head band or attached to a surgical cap, and an activation pedal. Mounted on the stack next to the monitor, an indicator unit shows the direction selected for the scope movement.

Pan & Tilt

Select the direction of tilt and pan using head movements, initiate using the activation pedal, and remove your foot to stop. The scope is now held stationary until the pedal is pressed again.

Zoom Control

A swift tap on the activation pedal changes FreeHand to 'zoom mode', illuminating the zoom mode status. Once again movement is initiated when the foot pedal is pressed and ceases when it is released.

Speed Adjust

The speed of scope movement can be adjusted via the speed selector panel. There are three speeds available.

Easily Accessible

The FreeHand system uses single use sterile disposables that are easy to fit. This allows the system to be used in back to back procedures without the need for separate sterilization procedures to take place.

Benefits of Using the FreeHand Surgeon System

  • Rock steady image provides you with excellent visualization. Get the most from HD and 3D technology for a tremor free image and a comfortable surgeon.
  • Direct surgeon control frees up a camera assistant and even allows for solo-surgery if needed.
  • Single use module provides fixed procedure cost.
  • Reduced need to clean the scope resulting in a big time savings.
  • Easy set-up and change over process for back-to-back procedures.
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Disposables & Accessories

  • Single use sterile zoom module and accompanying sterile sleeve
  • Headset is used to select direction of movement
  • Indicator confirms the direction of movement
  • Foot pedal activates the movement

FreeHand Gallery

See the FreeHand System in action below.

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